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  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct Think the pension reform is unnecessary? Review these figures, they are eye-opening.

    Real numbers show need for pension reform | Phoenix Pension Reform
    Opponents of pension reform like to claim that city pensions are "modest" and do not need to be reformed, but in a report generated using city data and actuaries outside the grasp of politicians and staff, we found the following:• The overall cost of the top 50 Phoenix retirees is $183 million, whic…

  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct

  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct An independent actuarial analysis conducted by the Reason Foundation determined the Phoenix Pension Reform Act, also known as Proposition 487, will result in $394.7 million in taxpayer savings within its first twenty years of implementation. Read more

    Prop 487 Saves Phoenix Taxpayers Nearly $400 Million Over 20 Years | Phoenix Pension Reform
    The City of Phoenix Employee Retirement System (COPERS) is facing an immanent crisis as it sits only 57% funded and has outstanding unfunded liabilities totaling $1.5 billion. Pension costs for the city continue to grow nearly $20 million per year carving out money from critical city services such as police and fire personnel, after school programs and parks.

  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct Some on the city council, however, want to muddle the debate. They are mulling putting a competing measure on the ballot that would make modest changes to the existing defined benefit program.

    Don't be confused, read more about the Phoenix Pension Reform Act: