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  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct The Pension Reform Act fixes our broken Phoenix pension system by:

    -Ending the illegal practice of pension spiking and other windfall pension payouts

    -Transitioning new city employees into a more sustainable and fair 401(K)-style defined contribution plan

    -Allowing existing employees to opt into the new defined contribution plan

    -Protecting taxpayers from ballooning pension costs while ensuring that existing and future pension obligations are met

    Learn the Facts:

    About the Initiative | Phoenix Pension Reform
    Phoenix's current employee pension system is broken. Years of abuse, mismanagement and political malfeasance have resulted in an escalating pension crisis that could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.Despite the warning signs and calls for reform, the power brokers at City Hall refuse to act. Our e…

  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct Americans for Tax Reform endorsed Prop 487! Read more here:

    ATR Endorses Proposition 487, the Phoenix Pension Reform Act | Phoenix Pension Reform
    Like many cities throughout the United States, Phoenix, Arizona has a broken pension system. Skyrocketing costs have driven the city to the brink of disaster. Fortunately, Proposition 487, also known as the Phoenix Pension Reform Act, is on the ballot this year and gives voters a say in the type of…

  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct Proud to announce that the Arizona Republic has endorsed Prop. 487! Read their endorsement here:

    Phoenix punted on pensions. Prop. 487 doesn't | Phoenix Pension Reform
    Endorsement: Phoenix's pension system needs some serious reforms. And, for the most part, Prop. 487 gets them right.Phoenix officials had it in their power, once, to stave off Proposition 487, which ends traditional pensions for newly hired civilian employees.They declined. Actually, they did worse…

  • /PhoenixPensionReformAct "There's a good debate to be had about Proposition 487. Unfortunately, the opponents are choosing not to have it." Read more from Bob Robb of the Arizona Republic.

    Real Prop. 487 issue: Who takes the investment risk? | Phoenix Pension Reform
    There's a good debate to be had about Proposition 487. Unfortunately, the opponents are choosing not to have it.Prop. 487 would change the retirement program for new City of Phoenix workers from a defined benefit to a defined contribution system. Under a defined benefit system, workers are guarantee…